2010 National Literacy Awards

The National Literacy Awards (NLA), held every two years, is a major activity of LCC in its effort to recognize individulas, institutions, and local government units with outstanding literacy programs in their communities. It is also in line with the United Nations’ Literacy Decade goal of reducing illiteracy by 50 percent by 2015.

The NLA particularly aims to contribute to the realization of the goal of universalizing literacy in the Philippines by creating public awareness and interest in the programs and projects addressing this concern; sustain, expand, and institutionalize literacy efforts by motivating and recognizing individuals, institutions, and local government units through awards and appropriate recognition; encourage the development and replication of innovative,creative, and indigenous literacy programs; and bestow honor and recognition to outstanding individuals and government and nongoverment organizations for their dedication, commitment and contribution to the universalization of literacy in their respective communities.

The Awards has two main categories – Outstanding Literacy Program and Outstanding Local Government Unit. The outstanding literacy program award is given to a literacy program implemented by a nongovernment or civic organization or academic institution, which has evident positive impact on the learners and the community. The program should have contributed to the transformation of learners into productive and more responsible community members.

The outstanding local government unit (LGU) award on the other hand, is given to a local government unit which has developed policies, programs, and projects conducive to literacy development and which programs have efficaciously made a positve impact on the barangays and the quality of life of the people.

The outstanding LGU category is subdivided into the following:
 –  Highly Urbanized Cities
 –  Independent Component and Component Cities
 –  First to Third Class Municipalities (Class A)
 –  Fourth to Sixth Class Municipalities (Class B)

On May 6, 2010 the LCC Secretariat received a total of 48 regional entries to vie for the NLA. The said entries were endorsed by the Secretariat to the Board of Judges for the shortlisting process. The top five nominees have been chosen and evaluated during actual onsite validation in July.

Following are the list of top five nominees:

Outstanding Literacy Program

Region II  –  FCF-RLF Literacy Program:
                 Bridging the Literacy Divide Among 
                 the Marginalized Upland Communities
                 Nueva Vizcaya

          V  –  Education for Life
                 St. Louise de Marillac Foundation
                 Sorsogon City

         IX  –  Centers for Social Concerns and Development
                 of Siayan
                 Zamboanga del Monte

          X  –  Sumpong Literacy Program
                 Malaybalay City, Bukidnon

Outstanding Local Government Unit

Highly Urbanized

Region  IV-B  –  Puerto Princesa City
                      Mayor Edward S. Hagedorn

            VIII  –  Tacloban City 
                      Mayor Alfred S. Romualdez

              XI  –  Davao City
                      Mayor Sara Z. Duterte

             XII  –  General Santos City
                      Mayor Darlene Antonio Custodio

     CARAGA  –  Butuan City
                     Mayor Ferdinand M. Amante Jr.

          NCR  –  Pasay City
                    Mayor Antonino G. Calixto  

Independent Component and Component City

Region  III  –  Balanga City
                   Mayor Jose Enrique S. Garcia, III

            X  –  Malaybalay City
                   Mayor Florencio T. Flores, Jr.

           XI  –  Tagum City
                   Mayor Rey T. Uy

            V  –  Sorsogon City
                   Mayor Leovic R. Dioneda

           VI  –  Cadiz City
                   Mayor Salvador G. Escalante, Jr.

Municipal Level Class A

Region  I  –  Municipality of Mangaldan, Pangasinan
                 Mayor Hermino A. Romero

         III  –  Municipality of Plaridel, Bulacan
                  Mayor Anastacia C. Tristan

      IV-A  –  Municipality of Rosario, Batangas
                 Mayor Felipe A. Marquez

          V  –  Municipality of Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte
                 Mayor Ricarte R. Padilla

         XI  –  Municipality of Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur
                 Mayor Joel ray L. Lopez

Municipal Level Class B

Region  I  –  Municipality of Laoac, Pangasinan
                 Mayor Silverio D. Alarcio, Jr., CEO VI

          II  –  Municipality of Ballesteros, Cagayan
                  Mayor Violeta T. Unite

 CARAGA  –  Municipality of Tubod, Surigao del Norte
                 Mayor Cristina Hemady R. Arcillas

       VIII  –  Municipality of San Julian, Eastern Samar
                 Mayor George N. Erroba

          V  –  Municipality of Bato, Catanduanes
                 Mayor Eulogio R. Rodriguez 

Winners for each category from first to fifth place will be awarded cash prizes and trophies courtesy of LCC and National Bookstore. The first place winner will likewise receive a presidential trophy. The awarding ceremony will be held during the Literacy conference on September 10, 2010 at Baguio Teachers Camp, Baguio City.

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