National Mechanism: The Literacy Coordinating Council

Pursuant to the overall Literacy Coordinating Council policy along the promotion of stronger partnership and direct access between LCC and LGUs, the LCC assumes overall responsibility for establishing organizational coordination directly with the region, province, and municipality.

  • Regional mechanism – the Regional Literacy Coordinating Council;
  • Provincial mechanism – the Provincial Implementing Unit; and
  • Municipal mechanism – the Municipal Implementing Unit (covering barangay implementing structures and mechanisms).
LCC as overall advisory body

LCC serves as the overall advisory body with the following coordinating functions:

  • Consolidate and analyze programs/projects implemented by PIUs towards the development of policy directions and strategies based on insights gained from the experiences of these PIUs;
  • Review and evaluate progress of programs directly assisted by LCC, tasks of which are conducted in close coordination with concerned RLCC/PIUs;
  • Provide technical assistance to PIUs which seek help from LCC in terms of identifying possible donors/funding agencies and organizations, infrastructure development, research, capability-building, learning materials development, resource acquisition, and other forms of assistance;
  • Formulate various resource generation schemes for project proposals and requesst for assistance of  PIUs in sourcing funds, negotiations, and resource acquisition;
  • Plan and conduct social mobilization and advocacy at the national level to help ensure program awareness and acceptance; and
  • Provide technical guidance in project development and proposal preparations, negotiations with donors and partner agencies, project implementation, monitoring, evaluation, advocacy/social mobilization, institutionalization, and other related forms of assistance as requested by PIUs.

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