Day 2 Tackles Public-Private Partnerships



Day 2 Tackles Public-Private Partnerships

Day 2 of the conference was greeted with a low pressure area, rendering a No Classes announcement in all levels in the city of Legazpi. Safe under the roof of the Oriental, the plenary session started at around nine in the morning with Stephanie Orlino of Smart Communications, Inc., Maricel Gray of Globe Telecom Inc., and Maryanne Mendoza of Digibayanihan ASSIST as speakers on the topic Public-Private Partnership for Digital Learrning.

After a short open forum, Council member from the Philippine Information Agency Emelyn Libunao presented the AVP for institutional LCC and the good literacy practices of NLA winner LGUs, the new LCC website, and LCC’s Facebook page.

One of the highlights of the Conference that happened in the afternoon of this day was the awarding of the Hall of Fame to two LGUs, the Municipality of Cuyo, Palawan and the city of Balanga as three-time first place winner in the National Literacy Awards. The trophies were received by Cuyo mayor Andrew Ong and Balanga City Administrator Rodolfo de Mesa, representing Mayor Francis Garcia. Each delivered his acceptance message, thanking LCC for inspiring them to push their programs further through the Awards. Both vowed sustainability of their existing programs and creation of new ones that are deemed beneficial to the community and the population as a whole. The program came to a close at four in the afternoon.

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